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Success Stories


"I asked for a coach and mentor and the Universe answered. Lorie Paige has been one the biggest great influences in my life for several years, similar to Tony Robbins only more real and personable. She really shows you the way step by step. Her book was amazing! I couldn’t put it down, she really lets you into her truth and it’s so beautiful and inspiring.  Everything Lorie does is so organized and efficient and beneficial. Her courses are AMAZING, you can tell she practices what she preaches. Before I met Lorie I felt like I was just trying to figure out who I was. Now from her coaching and courses and influence I am a successful business owner AND I know who I am more fully whenever I listen to her on stage or read her sage advice. Honestly I don’t think I would be where I am without her mentorship! I’m so grateful I found her. If you are trying to figure out who you are, or feel like you know all of what you need to do, but just need more traction to start soaring on that fast track, I highly recommend that you let Lorie Paige in as your mentor and coach. She’s the real deal and I don’t say that lightly"!  

-Amber McNeal Hobson. Entrepreneur & Owner LuX Spa


" I met Lorie at one of her speaking events and became a coaching client of hers. I then took one of her courses. The Love Design Blueprint's content is A+ these women have clearly gone deep into their own soul and have returned with pure love. They have worked out their own stuff, studied all the masters, tested out all the tools and now you have the opportunity to soak up so much useful and practical knowledge that is sure to improve anyones life if applied. I love the "brain dumping" activity of writing! Sometimes you just have to get it all out to really makes sense of things and see clearly. Thank you Lorie."

- Jodie J. Smith. Entrepreneur & Owner Salon 360




"My stunning soul sister, coach and Teacher! Lorie First of all, thank you again for yesterday and your time. It was amazing and my light was brighter from the time we spent and the start of my healing journey. I left our class with so much love and excitement to be starting this chapter and that I get to have you as my coach and mentor. Second, I have been reading your book and am in tears. I just started. Already, it feels like this book was written for me and at the same time your words just in the introduction are beliefs and words that are entangled in my soul already. Ahhh!! You're an angel!! I’m glad you are in my life, you’re already helping me"


- Audra Jane. Entrepreneur & Owner Flutter My Lashes & Esthetics


Check out Jody's audio success story as a coaching client of Lorie's, by clicking on here name above her photoJody holds her degree in Phycology and is an Intuitive Communication Specialist. She helps others improve family dynamics to gain peace, balance, and confidence in their life. She teaches others how to implement the Power of positive self-talk for those seeking a new perspective.

- Jody Hill. Founder & CEO of the Positation movement.

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Check out Angie's audio success story as a coaching client of Lorie's, by clicking on her name above her photo. Angie is a hiker & loves the outdoors. She adore's all animals and creatures. Angie is bursting with feminine energy. She came to see Lorie at one of her speaking events and was compelled to make shifts in her life. After becoming a client, she immediately honored what her true  purpose was. She moved to a new city with an amazing job, and started her new path after meeting the love of her life.


 -Angie Byrnes. Assistant to the Dean