Aug 3rd Full Moon + Lions Gate

Today: Full MOON Aug 3, 2020 go out and look into the sky, stand or sit on the grass, (with no shoes on) and ground yourself.

Below, Ive included both Western AND Vedic Astrology predictions for August. See which one resonates with you most. Or, choose both for some DEEP action and wisdom.

Vedic Astrology:
Full Moon in Capricorn on Aug 3 is at 15:58 UTC (3:48 pm UTC) / 4:58 pm GMT / 11:58 am EDT / 8:58 am PDT and Aug 4 at 1:58 am AEST

Jobs and our work in the world being Invented:

Capricorn is the sign of work since it is the 10th house from Aries in Vedic Astrology. This full moon points to new changes in many careers and re-inventing the structure or the ‘nuts and bolts’ of work. The “world of work” has forever changed with the pandemic. Those who have been able to work from home have been able to survive (and even thrive) during this time. Much of the world is either unemployed or is an essential worker in health-care, grocery stores or take-out restaurants.

This full moon is supporting you to re-invent your career or work. If you are a coach or consultant or therapist, this is the perfect month to create new packages and re-design your work. Or go virtual. You will really gain even more steam in the second half of August when Mars shifts. The month of August is filled with transitions and random gifts and opportunities – especially to learn new skills.

Those of you who are coaches or teach have found new ways to offer your programs. There ARE ways to have a virtual workshop which is deep and meaningful, that don't require just staring at a screen!

I just took part in a virtual conference with 3100+ People from 51 countries. It’s the way of the future for at least another year or two. Virtual and tech world work, which has been talked about for years and is here to stay. Many of my clients have shared they really dont want to ever return to commuting to a workplace and are happy to work remotely from home. This gives more time to focus on time with family, your spiritual practices and to have more room in the day.

The world of work has changed.

If you’ve been lost until now, this full moon is directing you to “get physical” or make changes in your work that will change your life for the next year.

Safe Essential Services – outdoor home services

Some of you will be able to build a new side-career such as “safe essential services” like landscaping, landscape design, landscape and gardening consulting. Painting, roofing, window installation, and home repair are all industries which are busier than ever since those who are working from home are in their home more and able to pay for these services. There is a current back-log of enough people to do this work right now.

If you are a leader and know how to manage teams, you could become a manager in companies that provide essential home services. The construction industry is lacking in new, young trained professionals and this industry is only going to grow. More people working from home have stressed homes, plumbing and kitchens. And even as a renter, the landlords are going to have to upgrade plumbing and electrical systems with more people working from home over the next few years and decade.

Consider whether you would like gardening, weeding and landscape consulting or some other ways you can support others and get paid.

Project management skills can be translated from brick and mortar stores to tech companies and construction companies. Your skills can likely translate to a new industry. Start thinking differently about your skills if you are thinking about a change of career.

More people are ramping up their digital skills to be able to get paid while working from home.

Get Physical with your daily routines too:

New workout routines are supported in the month of August. The full moon in Capricorn is all about making physical changes. So, it is a great time to change or switch things up. Start or change your daily walk and add connecting with the Earth as an important part of helping reduce stress.

New Routines are supported. Wake and go for a walk or spend time connecting with Mother Earth each morning – it is time to welcome how your day looks and welcome the bounties of the Earth into your life. Your health can improve when you connect with the Earth, growing your own vegetables and time with the trees.

Saturn is the planet of work

Saturn is the planet of physical labor from agrarian work, farming to construction and any work which works with the earth. This is the Universe’s way of saying that you are going to make it. Many people lost their homes and careers in the 2008 crash, and can look back to see that they made it through that difficult time. This wave is a global movement that is expanding two main sectors of work: Design, digital/tech work or physical services which are essential services like construction, farming, home repairs and remodels, and food services.

The food businesses who are able to re-invent themselves for expanded take-out (that people order digitally) and expanded outdoor seating will survive through the pandemic.

Saturn and meditation

Saturn also represents the meditating practitioner. So, if you have been trying to de-stress with meditation or want to try it, then consider making meditation a priority.

Western Astrology:

* Grand Trine Fire: Sun 7 Leo - Moon Sagittarius - Chiron Rx 9/Mars 17 Aries

* Cardinal T-square: Mercury 18 Cancer oppose Jupiter Rx 20/Pluto Rx 23/Saturn Rx 28 Capricorn square Mars 16/Black Moon Lilith 20 Aries

* Venus 22 Gemini sextile Mars 17/Black Moon Lilith 20 Aries, square Neptune Rx 20 Pisces

* Jupiter Rx 20/Pluto Rx 23/Saturn Rx 28 Capricorn sextile Neptune Rx 20 Pisces

* North Node 28 Gemini oppose South Node 28 Sagittarius

This round, she'll be holding space in Aquarius - this pairing offers us the deeper awakening into what is necessary for personal + collective change within our social sphere. It's a time to ask questions, to reflect who's on your side and really get honest around the Karma you carry and the need to manipulate it versus clear it. It's safe to purge and while it may hurt on the way out, you can be comforted in the full surrender and restoration that happens after.

The Moon will also be making a square to Uranus - which only heightens the energy of the Innovator, the Rebel, and the Humanitarian - and is asking us to continue to release and destroy what is no longer supporting us and further opening up into building a new bridge that will take us through the rest of this year and into 2021.

It’s possible you're feeling this shift into a new paradigm. That the only call to answer is the one that allows you to be true to yourself and help others in the process. These are the moments our Souls live for and we should use such currency to use our voices, open up to our visions, and access our intuition as well as the sacred tools we've been given to go along with it.

The emos, the pressure, the heaviness

Have been intense for months.

There's more coming, for sure.

So, when you get a pocket of time

To catch your breath,

Take a look around at how far you've come, and

Notice that you're still here,

Take it.

You keep showing up,

You keep walking forward,

You keep your wild heart free.

That makes you beyond amazing -

It makes you a beacon of what's possible.

Important: Saturday, Aug 8 is known as 8.8 - Lion's Gate! One of my favorite times of the year. August is my birthday month. Im a trine of Leo, Scorpio, and Virgo. Lions Gate is a sacred portal to tap into your personal power, and be showcased for the true meaning of abundance. Use this day wisely.

Share what Astrology or Vedic sign you are, in the comments.

All Love

Lorie Paige


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