New Moon on April 22. Time To Start Something New.

The New Moon is in Aries in Vedic Astrology on April 22 /23 depending where you live in the world.

This is a special healing New Moon which helps us start something new, and initiates great global change. This is an auspicious new moon because it's in the FIRST lunar mansion called Ashwini, one of the most good luck and new beginnings moon's there is. When a New Moon falls here, it is infused with cosmic principles to move your intentions on this day forward very quickly.

This day is infused with good luck, forward moving energy, giving you the focus because the day is infused with a special healing energy too.

This is a healing new moon which brings:

*Solutions to shift the pandemic.

*Give's you renewed energy for your daily health routines.

*Add's to your ability to heal faster.

*Spark's your interest to start something new.

*Give's you the focus to lead an important project to completion.

Here’s what to do on the first Lunar Day.

Wake with the Sun on your first New Moon Day – this is April 23 for almost the entire world; it’s April 24 for those in Australia and New Zealand.

Sip warm water or tea

Sit with a view out your window and let your eyes adjust to the predawn light, then close your eyes and allow a short meditation

Open your eyes by taking in the new light of the day..

Set an intention for the next month. The intention works best if it is actionable and measurable.

This auspicious New Moon brings healing and change.

This New Moon is in a special place of the sky in the beginning of Aries. This section of sky is called Ashwini in Vedic Astrology.

Ashwini Lunar Mansion – the healing physicians

Today’s lunar mansion connects you with the celestial healing physicians and solutions for health and change for the better. A new moon here connects you with "the twin celestial healers" and activates health solutions (for you and for the planet).

When the moon is in these first degrees of Aries plus we have the new moon energy of setting intentions, this marks one of the most auspicious times to begin something new and there is an extra reason that this is a special new moon.

Happy Earth Day...

It’s perfect timing for the 50th anniversary for Earth Day April 22, 2020 since this is a celebration of the healing properties of our planet, and to bring awareness to ways we can stop the degradation of our oceans, forests, lands and air.

The Sun in Aries is a time of activation, leadership and vitality. So the new moon with these double healing days really brings hope to the world right now, as NEW health solutions can be found and implemented.

The Sun is in Aries in the Vedic astrology system from mid April through mid May. For anyone born during this month, it is said they have great leadership abilities, clear and healthy boundaries, and sound management abilities. The Sun in Aries is called ‘exalted’ in Vedic astrology and when the New Moon occurs here, it is a whole new phase of beginnings.

Rare occurrence:

The moon becomes New for you either on April 22 or 23, There is a special combination of activation and hope that comes to us this month because the Moon is in the healing lunar mansion of Ashwini two days in a row. This is a somewhat rare occurrence and this rare two day healing moon happens right ON the new moon this month.

NEW MOON in Aries Apr 23 at 2:25 am UTC / 3:25 am GMT/ 12:25 pm AEDT

Apr 22 10:25 pm EDT / 7:25 pm PDT /

Look for important information to come to you (which might help someone else).

Aligned actions today:

Spiritual practices and receiving healing treatments on this day will help nourish and reverse deep-seated, karmic level patterns.

Aligned Actions this week:

Spiritual practices and receiving healing treatments on this day will help nourish and reverse deep-seated, karmic level patterns. Clearly you will want to spend time giving yourself a massage, work on your ankles, hips or neck to help ground or move tension to reduce stress that you might have from sitting more these days.

New Moon Practice:

Sunrise meditation to activate your Third Chakra:

Rise before the Sun..

Try and rise just before the Sun on your new moon day and just SIT quietly either outside or looking out your window.

If you sing mantra, then this will be doubly auspicious.

Stretch after your meditation and then do 2 Sun Salutations.

The Sun is in its place of leadership at this time. When you do Sun Salutations at Sunrise, Noon or Sunset from mid-April through mid-May, it strengthens your will power and discipline and activates your Third Chakra.

Remember , this is an auspicious new moon because When a New Moon falls here, it is infused with cosmic principles to move your intentions on this day forward very quickly. Plus, this lovely moon is between Mercury and Venus by sign.

In southern India, this is considered the Vedic New Year because the new Moon is in Aries.

Photos and Source: Kathleen Walen

Here's to each of you using this time to further your purpose these next 2 days and few months, and to look to the future as we begin to gear up to gradually open the USA (for the rest of April) while still working virtually somewhat, as our world transitions to this New place from Covid-19.

Sat Nam


Lorie Paige

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