Good News Everyone, get ready for 3 major shifts through end of March

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Here’s the thing, we have 3 MAJOR shifts through the end of March which are going to really shift world conditions.

Welcome to a New Moon plus a very important high energy Day this week, too!

Highlights below

  • Mars moves - The U.S. economy will make a change (more below)

  • Venus and Jupiter both shift into significant places at the end of March.

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  • New Moon Tuesday March 24, 2020

I have SO many people asking my take on the economy and pandemic. I’ll talk more about these details in my Facebook live, so mark your calendar to be a part of this time together. Here’s some info for you now!

Important: Mars moved yesterday March 22, 2020!

This is an Important shift, the U.S. Stock market will start to make a temporary recovery, And because of Mars, you can make incredible strides in your health - if you apply discipline. Exercise at home and build your muscle strength and the vitality of your blood. This is what Mars in Capricorn is all about!

Check out my blog post here where I made Predictions in my December 2019 issue, Just before the New year 2020 For Vedic astrology and what we are already seeing with those predictions and signs..

Venus and Jupiter stabilize

Venus then Jupiter shifts at the end of March and sets open a whole new way of doing business – with some people experiencing an expansion for almost two months.

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Brexit, the Coronavirus Pandemic, and the global market meltdown with an Earthquake in Utah I'm currently going through, this all converged in early 2020. What is next?

When will things improve? There is hope!

Venus and Jupiter shift at the end of March, which start to bring stability to the chaos and suffering. Jupiter joining Capricorn is going to start to level the intensity of the disease and the spread of the virus – provided people continue to self-isolate! Saturn is still calling for retreat and self-isolation is the number one way to slow the spread of this disease. (This is because there is a war between Saturn and Mars from March 22 – April 2)

Venus’ change will stabilize many people’s livelihoods and give them support for three months – and this overlaps with the time period where the U.S and Canadian governments will be handing out economic stimulus. Jupiter’s change will help bolster the U.S. economy for a while.

April will see a welcome forward movement. What you begin or create in March through May this year will have full fruition next year because of Jupiter’s retrograde in a few months. This means the things that you begin in March and work on steadily will be in full gear and return their karmic results in 2021.

More happy updates

New Moon in Pisces The New Moon at the end of March “lights up” the theme of letting go to complete a cycle in your life and to make space for something new. It’s a time of completion and turning over a new leaf. It’s a time to remind us that society can choose Peace.

Mars’ shift will start making an influence beginning March 25th.

There are energies that you’re working on in 2020 that you’re just beginning! This is a time that is ripe with possibility for big changes in your life – if you LET GO of what needs to leave.

More about the effects of Mars moving into Capricorn

Mars shift will start making an influence beginning March 25th.

Mars moves March 22, 2020 With this shift, the U.S. Stock market will start to make a recovery – after the New Moon and after TWO other major changes occur in the next few weeks. To be brief, Mars moving into Capricorn activates the United State’ GDP, but it is still being held back by the energy of Saturn. Mars moving is going to change the virulence and what tissues the virus attacks. The good news is that certain types of businesses will start to see an improvement and increased attention, which will help them survive this economic meltdown.

The coronavirus will change it’s virulence (notice I did NOT say it would slow) because Mars had been in the fire sign of Sagittarius with Ketu which is what made the virus spread so quickly and why the lungs have been attacked (Rahu in Gemini, the sign of the lungs). With this shift of Mars now, which tissues the virus attacks will be better understood. The pace of testing is going to get faster, which will help more people get care faster and more people to quarantine faster. This will help slow the spread of the virus. Mars is all about speed and it is now at its strongest effect in Capricorn.

Mark your calendar for tomorrow Tuesday March 24th @ 12 noon and click link here to connect to the page going live:

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All Love,

Lorie Paige

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