{Blog} 2020 Astrology Reading. What Is Your Sign?

Welcome to your in depth Vedic astrology reading for 2020 for each sign. This is one of the most important transits of the year in Vedic Astrology.

Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius,

Through September 22, 2020 this will be felt the most, so you may even be already going through some of the things I talk about. If you haven't yet, you'll probably be experiencing some of these signs soon.

New Events and New Energy.

Rahu and Ketu in these position bring about change in our world.

We will see some interesting events.

This will be a very interesting year because Rahu and Ketu are in the sign of intellect and communication, Speech, and skills with your hands. Its a good business sign and for trade.

Because we will begin to see new beliefs and make new changes to our beliefs to create a better world.

Every person will feel this transit in a different way. Your assendant sign will be felt on more of a physical level while your moon sign will help you to know how your emotions will feel through this transit. In Vedic Astrology your reading is more accurate when you know these two signs. Also Vedic astrology is different then western astrology so some signs are different.

Such as:

In Western astrology My ascendant sign is Virgo (I was born on Aug 27th) My Moon sign Is Scorpio.

In Vedic astrology My ascendant sign is in Leo and My moon is in Scorpio.

Rahu and Ketu

One of the most karmic grahas in Vedic astrology are changing their signs on March 7th. Rahu is going in Gemini, Ketu in Sagittarius. They will stay there until September 2020.

It is an important period that will influence all of us and we can expect many worldly events. In history, here are some things that happened in our world when Rahu and Ketu were in these same positions. As you can see below something important happened that changed the world.

  • 1945 – Atomic bombs over Japan

  • The Assassination of Kennedy

  • 1982-AIDs epidemic

  • Terrorist Attack in New York

The examples above weren't listed to create fear, they were certainly listed to put into perspective what YOU can choose to do with this transit to create in your own life with this powerful time, and use it for good in the world. 2020 Is a year of change, a year of defining, its a year that will turn the heat up enough to see how much we will be willing to change our old ways that no longer serve us or the world.

So for now, I'll give you general information below regarding what you can expect if you use your western astrology sign, and ill give you more detailed information later in this post {as another free gift} how to find out your Vedic chart and signs. But, to see the "real" effect on this transit with Rahu and Katu, you need to know your Vedic chart and signs.

What is the detailed difference between Western and Vedic Astrology? In short, here's their differences and why I prefer Vedic over Western Astrology.

Astrology is an incomparable asset to assess the potential possibilities of our lives. Western Astrology is relatively new as compared to Vedic Astrology, as the latter has been practiced for thousands of years, having written documents in the Vedas as well. The major difference between Vedic and Western astrology is that one uses the fixed zodiac while the other uses movable zodiac to decide the starting point of the zodiac. Western Astrology uses the tropical Zodiac, which considers earth to be the center and the celestial bodies to be revolving around it. It is based on the idea that the Sun comes back to the same point of vernal equinox post completion of its circle around earth (as it appears from earth). Vernal equinox is the celestial event during which the Sun is overhead the equator (the line that divides the earth into two equal parts). The vernal equinox is generally on March 22 each year when day and night are of equal length. According to Western Astrology, that is the point in time that dictates the first sign, Aries, further followed by the rest of the signs. However, with reference to the fixed stars, vernal equinox moves westward opposite to the yearly motion of Sun at a rate of around 50.26 seconds of arc annually which is also called precession of the equinoxes or ayanamsa. This is because earth’s axis also rotates and completes one rotation in about 26000 years. Vedic Astrology also takes into account this slight shift in earth’s position, which has shifted the vernal equinox point of sidereal zodiac to about 25 degrees west from the 0 degrees vernal equinox of western system. Instead of tropical year, Ved shastra is based on Sidereal year which is the time taken by earth to revolve around Sun with respect to the fixed star Chitra, and this duration is apparently 20 minutes longer than the tropical year. Due to this phenomenon, the Aries of Western Astrology keeps drifting away farther from the Aries point of Vedic Astrology at a rate of 1 degree every 72 years. At present, this difference has elevated to almost 24 degrees in past 2000 years. The last time when Aries of Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology were on the same plane was approximately 285 AD. The system of Astrology that uses the fixed zodiac is called Sayana, while the one that uses movable zodiac is called Nirayana. Since the planetary movements shift, the Universe expands, and nothing is still, Vedic Astrology is believed to be more rational and reliable. The signs and planets generally have similar interpretation and symbolic meanings in both the systems but Vedic Astrology has more accurate calculations and detailed methods involved. When compared to the western system, Vedic astrology seems upright because it relies on more accurate astronomical principles. It shall be kept in view that planets are moving in the sky as per the Nirayana system. Vedic Astrologers not only assess the natal chart but also the dasas, the periods of different planets transiting through different signs and their influence in real time. Also, Vedic Astrology is based on Moon sign over Sun sign. Sun changes its sign in around a month while Moon changes its sign in 2.25 days, which is why predications based on Moon are more close and accurate since our moods and circumstances change frequently. Secondly, moon reflects the mind and emotions, our temperament, thus interpreting moon’s placement leads to more relevant predictions and analysis. Vedic Astrology, hence is equipped with more precise and detail-oriented tools and methods of predictions than western astrology, thus Ive found more reliable.

Next up, I'll go into more details with the 12 ascendants (or Astrology signs)

Aries: Rahu in your 3rd house Ketu in your 9th house.This is a period where you'll want to communicate more. Connect with people through social media. You'll want to be heard you'll want to share your opinion. You will communicate with new people, Maybe even start a new vocation or start a new business. Because Rahu will give you great courage and power and great energy to come into your dreams. New skills with your hands- you can start painting, sculpting with this new energy. You may be able to integrate this with your new business. You will be connected with the great teachers and counselors and gurus. You can learn something new of higher knowledge. It's defiantly a good time to find a guru who can help you and direct you on your path. What's interesting here, is you must be careful with your father or father figures, because there may be some issues that come up there.This is where you'll need to pay more attention to your father, your teachers, and listen to your guru's especially. In this period you will basically be able to start a new interest such as sports and you'll have a lot of energy. You can start doing the things you've always dreamed of doing.

Taurus: Rahu in your 2nd house ketu in your 8th house.You will connect with your family. There will be an increase in your wealth. You will have money coming from the past, such as taxes, insurance, so in these next months you'll have more money in your bank account. You will travel to a long distance place to obtain knowledge. You will be able to put hidden obstacles behind you, for they will become unhidden. You'll try to understand your value through hidden knowledge. So you'll want to go to an astrologist's or numerologist. Start reading books about mysticism and science. This will give you enjoyment learning these new things. If you're married, you should be careful with your in-laws because there can be some issues there. Also, someone from your family may become broke and you will be able to help them.You may be doing a lot of traveling. Again money from the past, such as an inheritance or a divorce. Money is coming into your life, so this is a good time for wealth. It's very important you pay your taxes. This year you can buy more assets. Just be careful with the job assets.

Gemini: Rahu in your 1st house and Ketu in your 7th house lots encircling your house. Lots of energy during this time. Fame, recognition, Its time to change. Its time to pay attention to yourself. You may want to change your appearance, change your life. Watch your money!..its really an interesting period. Depending on your natal chart you may see swings from positive to negative. When you pay attention to what you are doing in your life and your career, your recognition, your fame and even your power and overusing it. There will be issues with your partner. Remove issues with relationships that are no longer important or not serving you. So if you don't remove the issues with this person, the universe may remove it for you. If you are single, its time to pay attention to your soul and decide what kind of partner you need. If you have good karma, you may have someone of importance come into your life. So, if you've done good things in your life, you will see a good person who will help you, and who will give you love and support. It can be a very important period for you.. you can meet a person from your past. Pay attention to your karma and how you treat people.

Cancer: Rahu in your 3rd house Ketu in the 6th house.You will WANT to travel and even have a sudden urge to travel. You'll want to spend more money and you should be careful with your money. You can loose more if you don't watch your spending. However, you'll want to be more generous to people and from time to time make donations. You will go deep with your human phycology, it is time to heal your soul, it's time to heal your inner wounds in your soul. You need to pay more attention to spirituality and you will find more happiness in your life. You should be careful not to be addicted to some kinds of behaviors, drugs, alcohol, sex or food. Be careful not to go into dangerous places or dark places. You may seek for other types of healing, such as different types of foods or healing your health and different routines. Be careful not to have conflicts, or be subjected to people that are energy vampires, they can effect your life if they get to you. This is not a good time to take on debt or loans. If its required, thats one thing. This is more the time for your spiritual growth. Be sure to take care of your health. This is a time you may feel an urge to help our society or find a good cause during this period.

Leo: Rahu in your 11th house and ketu in your 5th house.This is a great time for more income.You will have more money and income. You'll be connected to more people part of different associations, you can meet a lot of foreign people, foreign people will help you in your career.This is a time you can fulfill your wishes and dreams. If you have children, you'll want pay more attention to them, and it would be good to follow this strong urge to do so. There is a lot of past life experiences giving you the opportunity to take care of your relationships and give more time to your children.

Deal with issues with romance and children. There's a lot of karma working through your sign during this transit..so you can work through things and have good karma. Its a real good time to make some changes, for money, for fulfilling your dreams. Its a good time for meeting new people all over the world.

Virgo: Rahu in your 10th house Ketu in your 4th house.This is a time where you can be recognized and receive fame. This is a time you can go higher in your career. You will meet celebrities, you will meet people with a lot of power and authority.You can become a CEO, you can become a manager, you can really succeed in your life and especially in your career. Be certain to pay close attention to your house and home. Pay attention to your mother or mother figure, this is not a good period to buy a house or to buy a car, because where ketu is transitting..you can change your house, you can leave it for a time, you can change your residence to find a better job would be okay to do. Your home can become more spiritual, you can buy statues, like a Buddha for example... To bring in that spirituality in a new or different way. This is a very good time for your career.

Libra: Rahu in your 9th house Ketu in your 3rd house.You may become more aggressive in your communications, you should be careful what you're posting on Facebook or Instagram, you may have some troubles regarding that if you're not careful. Be careful with your friends and your siblings, maybe you won't feel like this is a time you feel very energized or maybe will begin wanting to change your life, or even in your activities you are wanting to become a better person, so this is a time to analyze what you need to change and how you present yourself to others and communicate it in a good way. Its a great time to start something new. Its a great time to travel and pay attention to your spirituality, its a good time to pay attention to your father or father figure. It's a good time to find a guru who can help you heal your soul or find a way to help you go in the right direction and help your wishes become true. You will realize the world is changing, so you'll need to change your knowledge, change your beliefs, and find a new dimension to your beliefs. You need to travel and when you do, these people may teach or help you in some way. This is about learning new things and developments.

Scorpio: Rahu in your 8th house Ketu in your 2nd house. This is a period where you focus on your own transformation. Its time to make needed changes and heal your wounds. Its a time to see whats in your phycology is not ok. Its a good time to go to a therapist, this will turn out well when you find the right one. You'll pay more attention to your hidden knowledge in mysticism, and visit an astrologist who can help you a lot in this period. This is a time you can have more power, you can own your sexuality. You will have more money coming from other people such as, Insurance, taxes, or a windfall of money, winning the lottery or even a treasure. Pay close attention to your family, You will have money {but it won't give you pleasure} You will feel the need to change and transform yourself which brings us to the next level of understanding ourselves. Be careful and gentle with your family and relationships, this can be a time where you might fall in love out of no where and find someone else. Be careful not to cheat on your partner. Be sure to pay your taxes and be careful with how you spend them. Be careful how you speak to others especially your family. Check yourself before you speak, you may have issues around this if not. Be careful with your money and how to spend it.

Sagittarius: Rahu in your 7th house ketu in your 1st house. As I said with gemini there is a lot swirling around your sign during this time. Because the alignment of Rahu and Ketu. You'll begin to notice you'll start to become more introverted, you'll start analyzing your life, and realize you'll need to make some changes with your life to be happy. Material things won't matter as much to you during this time as much as they have in the past. You'll care mostly about nurturing your soul, and you'll need to make needed adjustments for your soul's purpose. You'll see you will want to make changes to your personalty. You will witness almost a rebirth of your own new (more developed) personality. This will appear so your older personality can move on. You'll want to meet new people and communicate more on a soul level. You can start your own business because this time is favored for business partners. Its also a good time to network and speak with more new people. You also can become famous during this transit while networking. You will develop yourself more. And find love prospects if single.

Capricorn: Rahu in your 12th house Ketu in your 6th house. Be aware of your own health and sick people around you. Or making bets. The universe may give you some obstacles pertaining to conflicts you'll need to work through. With this conflict, you'll be able to defeat these conflicts victoriously. You will see old things from your past coming up with past conflict and past people. All this is very very important for you to grow and you will conquer these issues. You will be dealing with debt soon, but the elements will help you in your daily life. You will start changing your daily life and routines. This is a really good time to change the way you eat, the way you act, and how you treat people. This is a huge time of changing for you. Youre going to become more spiritual, be more careful with your expenses and the way you handle your money.This is also a period you can start helping people with making the world a better place and helping your nation. No need to worry, there are some challenges but you are victorious how you will defeat and rise above them. Remember, be More spiritual, more healthier and skilled.

Aquarius: Rahu in your 5th house ketu in you 11th house. You may become a parent or you need to parent your children more presently. You will have more love and romance in this period. So even if you're on your own and single, now is a good time to create new lasting relationships. You will start expressing yourself more creatively, you can also start investing, but just watch out for some issues with your income and invest wisely. Watch out for issues with your network circles, be careful how you communicate with your professional circles. Also be careful if you are part of an organization and be aware there may be issues how you receive money. But especially this year, you can pay more attention to romance and Love. And your children. or children you are close to.

Pisces: Rahu in your 4th house and ketu in your 10th house. This is a time for you to connect with your home, you can change your home. You can go abroad and bring foreign elements into your home. Very good time to travel, but there may be something come up that may make you go away from your home for a time. And you may need to change your job this year, at least you will have a chance to change your department or position with you job. There also may be an opportunity to completely change your job and go abroad if you plan it out well. Be careful with your bosses or people with authority, they can help you, but they also can make things difficult. Pay attention to your mother or mother figures, pay attention to your private life. If you have the chance to go abroad, do it. Or buy a new house or car. And make sure to bring new culture and elements in your home.

These are all the ascendents and moon signs. Again, all the details depends on your chart and where mercury and Jupiter are situated in your Vedic chart. This information is still very accurate yet general. How it expresses in your life and your chart depends on your natal chart.

As my second gift to you...

Here's 4 simple steps to follow to get your FREE Vedic ascendant and moon signs, and natal chart.

1) Click here to Go back to this Facebook post and "like or love" the post.

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3) From FB Private message me this info: a)Your email, b)Your Date of birth, c) Your time of birth, And, d) The city, state and country of birth.

4) You will receive an Email with the details for your Vedic signs and chart.


As always check back for more on this blog, and On my social media channels for plenty of positive and actionable tools and insights you can use. Also be sure to report back your own experiences. And please, if you found this information useful, then spread the love and use the links below to share this post with your friends.

Happy New Year!

All Love.

Lorie Paige

Photo /Sources: Indastro, Astrology au.

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