Light Workers Face these shadows To Transform their flame to become a "Lantern holder" the

For a long time now Ive known Im a light worker. I felt compelled many years ago to reach out to others and help them to see the light inside themselves that has since just grew and grew.

It became"Be the Light Fulfill your purpose"

Which has turned into thousands of followers who tune into LoriesPaige on social to find some inspiration and help tapping into their light, first from inside themselves and then how to share that light with others.

Its turned into coaching, live Masterclass's, online courses, speaking to audiences, authoring books, a Zen store that gives proceeds back to benefit women and children. Its turned into blogging, travel, opening doors on many businesses, and retreats to places like Paris France.

I've done a lot of homework on being a light worker. I remember asking myself "What is this name people are calling Light workers"

Yet it found me. It called to me and calls to me today in a rich and deep way from the depths of my soul. Now its been over 20 years, it touches my heart to know Im fulfilling my purpose. In retrospect, I remember wondering what helped me to pay attention to all the signs and similarities that I was experiencing with so many others.

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What was this loud call from within me and what do I authentically call it?

It most certainly wasn't pure bliss, it was one of the hardest things in my life I needed to figure out. Its brought me to my knees so many times in my life to understand, and fully comprehend it to

be the "Lantern Holder" I am today. In order to find your light within yourself you must experience the shadows and darkness.

I'm a light worker, the "Lantern Holder of Light" I hold the lantern high for all those to see. Im the Lighthouse keeper that's gone through many storms and stands strong, to shine brightly each day.

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Understanding what the keeper of light is, brings clarity in so many ways to a true Light worker, a light bringer. During my studies and continued journey of being a light worker and a light bringer, i found my own light.. Ive compiled some collective resources over the years and written a lot about it myself.

Light workers are awakened souls on earth who devote most of their lives to bringing light into this world. The light they bring, shines through their hearts. With just their presence and inherent spiritual abilities they alchemize the darkness of the world into true light.

Despite their higher calling, light workers are not people who isolate themselves from society, they can't hide in dark places and can be very social. We can see them as, business owners, writers, dancers, producers, mothers or mediums. They can be famous gurus or even local barista's that have a passion for singing.

Whether their contribution is large or small, they help in raising the vibration of our planet. They do not do it through some special techniques, but by just being themselves and letting their vibration transform everyone who they interact with. People are magnetized to them.

They subconsciously know that they are strategically placed as "Lantern holders" and lighthouses in different parts of the world to enlighten people in their local towns and cities they live in with positive vibes that brings light. They also instinctively know when its time to move to another location quickly.

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Every time they’re faced with difficulties, they often bounce back with more strength and more positive outlook. They fully know that obstacles are just tools that trigger their true light to get them going in the right direction and to come out and shine brighter into the world where it’s needed the most.

However, lightworkers are humans too who have their own stuff, such as vulnerabilities and inner flaws. These inner shadows or "shadow sides" are essential in helping them become the highest version of themselves that shines with the brightest true light. These challenges are the inner blocks that each light workers face to overcome in order to transform into their ultimate selves.

The light workers journey is far from easy. On the contrary, it’s an arduous journey with loss, sadness, illness, depression, anxiety, fear, and constant struggle. The light worker knows deep within that they signed up for this assignment a very long time ago.

They know that this is not a cruel universe, but it’s the only way for light workers to let go of the layers of their ego self that's not serving them.

In all love and subtlety, they’re being nudged to look within until they understand that nothing matters except who they really are.

The moment they remember who they truly are is the moment their light starts to shine.

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In short, light workers are "lantern holders" who carriers the flame to those who need to find the light of their own flames, and the essence from where it comes from. It’s the "Lantern holders" duty to illuminate the world.

Existing in the physical world gets tricky especially when you include modern society, some light workers have difficulty managing their flame within, when they worry about being looked at, as if there is something wrong with them.

Many light workers get caught in the trap that most people do not understand them and the intensity of their emotions, and this can result in the dimming or near extinguishment of their light, and their fire becoming unchecked within such as frustration and confusion.

Light workers are natural healers. They are super tapped in. However, its always evolving. Meaning, healing from within for themselves is the most important, before they can go out into the world and teach people how to heal, or before they can heal others with their presence.

When a light worker’s inward journey of looking for their true essence begins, (by administering self love) it signals the start of an arduous adventure of facing their own shadows and inner demons.

They know they need to go through this painful process of self discovery until they’re able to reignite their flame once again through their authentic essence.

Each light workers calling is unique, however all light workers follow the same general theme of going through fear based thinking, and even being lost at least once in their lives and finding themselves again.

That’s how they can face the shadows within their psyche that hold the key to unlock the door to truth and love which holds their essence.

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Below Ill talk about some common ways light workers become stuck, blocked or afraid.

The first "shadow" they face is their own fire. They run from it instead of embracing and accepting it as something positive and constructive. They don't realize it’s their power not their weakness. In order to see the true light that has the potential to illuminate the world they must look beyond it.

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At this stage, some lightworkers may have already been doing their soul’s purpose. But, others may still be unable to figure out what their purpose exactly is. This is completely normal.

These are the people who don’t yet know how to fully utilize their true light and need the inspiration from fellow light workers to remember their own. Thats why you see so many light workers almost everywhere now teaching others and you see others are learning.

Exactly the way its supposed to be.

As for the light workers purpose in this world, there are many things that might hold their purpose hidden. The environment may be holding these light workers back. Such as.. .Old habits, society, negative friends (or family issues) limiting beliefs and assumptions about what they "should do" can be the building blocks of they're blocking themselves in.

Once they break free from whats holding them back, they begin to be super aware of the flame within and can abundantly burst open into amazing Light.

The next '"Shadow" is actually getting to know their shadow self, facing their own shadows are the fears, ego and scattered parts of themselves they turned their back on because of past fears or that they were unacceptable for society. Only by acknowledging these parts, accepting them, embracing them and giving them constant love, then they can become whole and shine with their true light.

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What they face is almost an inner prison they have built for themselves by living in a fabricated society ruled by fear. Once they realize what their chains are that hold their true purpose locked then they can break them and start living their purpose. Even the smallest steps towards their purpose is still a huge step in the right direction. We need these awakened souls to bring their healing energies and heal our world. We need their words, their empathy, and they're healing hands. We need these light workers to be the light bringers, the world is waiting.

We need you!

Click here to find out more about being a light worker, and all the resources to help guide you on your journey.

As always check back for more on this blog, and On my social media channels for plenty of positive and actionable tools and insights you can use. Also be sure to report back your own experiences. And please, if you found this information useful, then spread the love and use the links below to share this post with your friends.

Love and Light,

Lorie Paige

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