{Blog} Invite to France with Lorie. What Every Person Turned Entrepreneur Should Know

So here's some straight talk about becoming an Entrepreneur.

Be sure to read to the end of this blog to see how you can go to Paris France and see the Designer side to me. Come with me for a week in September 2019.

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In this Blog you'll also get a glimpse as to why I work with VIP clients who are very serious about wanting to make a huge impact in their own life and their business... Who want to make a huge impact in this world. I call them "Game Changers"

Please know Im very synced into knowing who my ideal clients are so that I know how to best serve them and give them the time they deserve. Ive been doing this for many years. Knowing my ideal client isn't as much about exclusivity as it is about drive, passion and purpose. Ive had clients ranging from 18 years on up, and thats what they all have in common. Impeccable taste, drive and consistency in what they want, how they show up, and where they want to go. My clients range from Investors, developers and Designers, to holistic practitioners and coaches who are either looking to start there new coaching business, or looking for more razor sharp insight to shatter the ceiling with passive income in they're existing coaching business. (To make however much they want online)

Ive been an entrepreneur for over 25 years (meaning Ive created businesses and worked with businesses that have been sustainable to make a living for me) And when the economy tanked I created more businesses.

As most of you know, many of these companies and partners thrive today and have gone on to support several people's income. (not just one persons income)

I have a saying about my work ethic that speaks to my drive, desire, passion and purpose.

"Im driven enough to follow my purpose, and have the desire to stay awake until 3 AM when necessary to get the job done. Im passionate enough to wake up at 3 AM to follow a creative idea"

You may be wondering if you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur and start your own business. (Remember this is straight talk).

You've heard me talk about starting before you're ready, and always following your passion in life to fulfill your purpose.

(Which all of these things are very true). But, there's so much more. This is where you see who is willing to do what it takes to create a network and strong affiliations for their life, and business(es), that can last a lifetime. This is where I introduce you to multiple streams of income from your laptop and also work a day job, if you so choose.

The very first thing I talk to clients about in making this transition is not to immediately quit their day job. There's many reasons for this, however this reason may surprise you....Be grateful for that day job, because being grateful for what you do have is part of the energy of getting more of what you want in the future. Following that passion. The universe is always listening and that energy right there, can be felt from the universe energetically. I can show you how to transition this way of thinking and living, so it's a good fit for your individual situation.

So, you don't want to quit your day job, Integrate your entrepreneurship into your daily life, test it out and take key steps, educate yourself and get coaches and mentors who have gone through what you are going to. I promise, when you get the right mentor, you will get a better package deal. Take courses that ONLY call to you the loudest. Not allowing yourself to become distracted. This is VERY crucial.

Anyone can be an entrepreneur today, but how many will stay one?

"Understand that the energy for your business, must come from within your bones and deep within your soul."

Some believe after reading a few books and how-to articles, that they are qualified to give advice on running a business. Others dream of having their own schedule and being their own boss. While you CAN have all this, I don't make it about reading the fine print. Many crave the entrepreneur title and lifestyle without setting foot into the realm of entrepreneurship. I tell you this because while I teach about becoming a successful entrepreneur, I also teach you about my fails. It's not for dabblers, its for game changers. I believe each one of us has a responsibility to be game changers in this world. You know, It's calling to you deep down from your soul to change the way you're doing life.

The reality is, not everyone listens to that inner voice and now is the time to listen to it, because it's only going to get louder until you do. To become a successful entrepreneur or establish a business from the ground up and before you make the plunge to become an entrepreneur, here's a few things you’ve gotta know.

Purpose, Willpower and Drive are the real money makers

You’re the heart and soul that pumps blood into your business. Having true purpose & passion in your venture is the only way for the business to thrive in the long run. You must have passion for what you do. Family and friends are great supporters, so understand the energy must still come from within your soul. However, it is important to communicate with your family and significant others to achieve support before going all in, as it affects their lives greatly.

You gotta hustle

In our digital world, content and marketing is where it's at. Nobody wants to be sold to, I don't want to be sold to. You will learn when I found out how to "share" my services and products and not sell them. Sharing with authenticity is not selling. So knowing the difference between sharing and selling is huge. Money is energy and when you tap into this energy of sharing, currency comes much faster and with ease. Lets face it, we all need to charge for our expertise and experience. I teach you how to unapologetically charge for your great work in an authentic way by sharing, because it's pointless operating a business if you’re not making a dollar. That’s called a non-profit.

You have to be resourceful

Don’t think you need a huge budget to be known in your market. Simply understand what is necessary for your business to get a jumpstart, separating what is a want and necessity. Free or low cost marketing venues exist such as social media, that will help you get a good portion of your customers. Ill show you how I built mine.

The hours are long at first and you should see improvement over time

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Even if you love the new business, which you should, you will probably get burned out at some point– whether it is 6 months, 4 months, or 2 days from now. Strategize an operational flow for the business to continue while you take time off to recharge.

Be realistic if something is NOT working and self correct immediately. Meaning: Do not waste another minute doing something (or with someone) that isn't working or costing you your time, energy and money and you're not getting anything in return for it. Draining your resources will take time to recuperate, if you don't pivot and see the signs soon enough.

Do you have what it takes

Lastly, take a serious self-assessment to see if you have the passion juice and the skillsets to see your business grow past its infancy into a teen, and then into an adult. Educate and surround yourself with people who have the experience. Do not drain these resources. When approaching anyone to work with (who has more experience than you) Use these rules:

1) Be prepared to be the happy learner, be willing to drive miles out of your way to meet with them, or travel with them and bring ALL you have as experience to the table to offset their help.

2) This process doesn't happen overnight. If you are lucky enough to find someone willing to surround themselves with you to mentor you. Bare in mind they have been in the business for a very long time and want to see how much drive you truly have and your lasting power to make it as an entrepreneur. If you don't, it probably won't last.

3) Take calculated chances, Get out of your own way and comfort zone and leave your fears at the door. There will be no time to allow personal issues to get in the way of your commitments. So managing your personal life is key.

4) Invest in yourself. When you go this on your own, be selective with what you are buying and getting for your investment. Choose the best of the best. Choose the mentors and coaches who have done the work, who resinate with you and who have opened doors on business's, choose those who have a track record in what they are telling you and teaching. This is how I chose my mentors.

Be very Leary of those who don't have a track record in business, coaching, speaking, authoring a book and teaching. Especially if that is their claim. Look into them and really check them out to see what their life credits really are.

I know how this works and I have the life credits, and Im passing this expertise onto you. Since Ive learned from some of the best, Ive taught and mentored many companies and people. There is always something that comes through for me every time- Sharing this with others comes very natural to me because its my true passion and purpose. People see this and want to have the same. (and they can).

When you find your passion, you can decide if you want to quit your other job, or make multiple streams of income. I know the exact journey, I also have traveled the back roads you need to take and I have the track record. Ive done the work.

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Which is why I'm announcing that Im rolling out my


"Week to launch In Paris France Intensive" this

September 2019.


This is for those women who are either wanting to start they're coaching

Business or looking to break through the ceiling of your existing business, and do it along side the best of the best. This is where you'll get razor sharp specific guidance , along with proven personal mastery and mind set skills and experience, to be a game changer in your industry.

The cart will be opening soon for a select amount of women and these spots will go fast. If you have what it takes to go big, I want hear from you and have you accompany me to Paris for a week long intensive.

Here's only a glimpse at some of the value you'll receive. Sign up below to get all the mind blowing details.

* One on One Time and team strategizing With Lorie For A Week For Your Specific Business Goals.

* Strategizing Your Core Message, Brand or Product with A shiny New or Improved Business Plan.

* Blueprints for Your Product or service To Launch In A Week.

*Marketing, Media, and the business inside track for your core brand.

* How To Leverage Yourself And Your Business.

* How To Work With Investors To Help Catapult Your Ideas And Efforts and Currency. The Full View of What It Takes To Open Doors on your own or with Investors for Your Business.

* A chance to be chosen For a Jump Start On Your Business, when you pitch your business ideas while in Paris to longstanding investors or Designers I work with.

* Come Away With A Branded Photoshoot In PARIS To Use For Your Business, So That Your Clients Can See Your Authority and that you're driven.

* Get Your Product Blueprint guide. A Step By Step Blueprint Guide To Show You How To Launch When You Return Home From France.

* You Will Stay In A Luxury Hotel In Paris And Be Pampered With Other Like Minded Women Who Are As Driven As You Are, And Learn To Leverage And Network With Them.

* You Will Get To Immerse Yourself In The Local Sites And Cuisine To Evoke Your Passions And Creativity.

* Come Away With A Book Publishing Back Stage Pass, Speaking Gig Invitation(s) Through Speakers Alliance, And How to Pitch to Investors.

*I work with only the best and most reputable Entrepreneurs in the creative arena, and show you how to work and network with the best.

* A Sound Community and Solid Networking before, during and after Paris.

*And Much, Much More!

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If you find your passion, and people want to purchase it, don’t quit until you have reached your goal. The universe wants you to succeed just as much as I do. Because you have unique gifts to share with the world.

If you're a brand new coach, OR a Pro Coach, who's been doing this for some time... and you're working toward any online coaching business models, if you're needing that razor sharp insight to get you to the level you want, and If you want to shorten the headache on launching an online coaching business, to get paid what you want for your great work..be good to yourself and work with me on my signature,

"Week to Launch Intensive in Paris!"

CLICK HERE: to get on the email list and be the first to get more details on

"Week To Launch In Paris France Intensive" September 2019 (cart opens for the last time in August 2019/must have valid passport)

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Im looking forward to seeing you in Paris, you deserve to get the best and be the best version of you! I read all your comments, as always check back for more on this blog, and on my social media channels for plenty of positive and actionable tools and insights you can use. Go sign up now for those updates I only share in email.

Also be sure to report back your own experiences. And please, if you found this information helpful, then spread the love and use the links below to share this post with your friends.

All Love,

Lorie Paige

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