{Blog} You are Emitting Energy in Every Direction

We are Emitting Energy In Every Direction.

Everybody remembers the big boom of the Law of attraction. (no pun intended) And this was a very important time for all of us to be introduced to something very real, exactly at the right time. Why do you think that is?

We had this information come into our existence at exactly the right time. In history we can look back and see when may different things have been introduced to us and what we have done with that information. (for good and bad)

For example, we were introduced to electricity and the light bulb for good. Other things not so good, like nuclear weapons.

So do you think there is a particular timing when we are introduced to something in our world? I fully believe that we are introduced to something exactly at the right time. Its when we as a collective people can make a difference whether for good or bad.

You and I can tip the scales to make a difference for good.

Neale Donald Walsh gives amazing practical application with contemporary spirituality for everyday life.

In the wisdom of the universe he explains it so well.

Your energy, beamed from you is like a Golden Light, it's interacting constantly with everything and everyone else. The closer you physically are, the more intense the energy.

The farther away, the more subtle, yet you are never totally disconnected from any thing.

Everyone and everything on the planet-and in the Universe- is also emitting energy in every direction. This energy mixes with all other energies, crisscrossing in patterns of complexity beyond the ability of your most powerful computers to analyze.

This crisscrossing, intermingling, intertwining energies racing between everything physical is what holds physicality together.

Its along this matrix that you send signals to each other, messages, meanings, healings, and other physical effects- created sometimes by individuals but mostly by mass consciousness. (tipping the scales)

These innumerable energies are attracted to each other, which many of us know as the law of attraction.

In this law, Like attracts Like.

Like thoughts attract like thoughts along the matrix, and when enough of these similar energies "clump together", their vibrations become heavier, they slow down and some become matter.

Thoughts do create physical form and when many people are thinking the same thing, there is a very high likelihood their thoughts will form a reality. A world wide consciousness of fear, for instance, or anger, or lack, or insufficiency, can create that experience-across the globe or within a given locale where those collective ideas are the strongest.

This dance, this energy interaction, is occurring all the time-in and with everything.

This is why I write my blog. This is why I post on social media or why I share my experiences by writing books. When you see I offer an online course or speak at an event. Im tipping the scales to help encourage you to tip the scales too.

I know we can tip these scales of consciousness to have the masses shift. I know this with all my heart and that's why I do it and why you must do it too.

Ive received so many emails and messages from my audience saying how much these things continue to help them in their life and that is another reason I do it. Making a difference is my purpose.

Most of all, there is such a burning inside me that knows the truth of all of us waking up and helping one another do exactly that. Thats why I volunteer to hold the Lantern high at the door for others to see the way. And for me to see the way too.

We must remember why we are here and to continue to work on this as a collective, as our baseline. To know our "true north" so we don't loose our way and know where to come back to, and to look for as much Light as we can at each doorway. I know those of you reading this right now, have seen the darkness, and had those dark nights and you know what it looks like, and you know we must follow the light together.

I send my love to you, I know at times this isn't easy. Together, as a collective, I know we can and will do this. We have a responsibility to tip the scales of consciousness, because its our watch and our time. Its been introduced to us at this time for a reason.

As always, Stay tuned for more on this blog for plenty of positive and actionable tools and insights you can use. Also be sure to report back your own experiences. And please, if you found this information useful, then spread the love and use the links below to share this post with your friends.

Until then, Love and Light.

Lorie Paige

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