{Blog} 2018 is almost over, set yourself up for success. See the list of gift Ideas you'll love.

2 Days until the New Moon. Solstice is also on its way.

Do you follow any type of astrology, and the cycles of ebb and flow with the planets? What about the universe at large and how the planets work in unison and effect each one of us?

Everything in the universe happens by design. So when I found Vedic Astrology, I fell in love! I began to follow the calendar systems and where the planets are positioned at any given moment, week, month, day or year.

I saw first hand by following this calendar system the amazing results I'd get in return. I leaned in even more and began planning events or launch products or sign important documents... and it works years later for me today.

We are in the last month of the year 2018 and are getting ready to land this plane into the lowest LUNAR energy of the year! We have retrograde, full moons, new moons and so much more!

This is all about Self Care and showing yourself Love. Tis the season!

(Stay tuned for self care gift ideas below)

2018 has been a very challenging year for many people. Some of you may be living in a New place and not even in the same relationship you started out 2018 with. It's been a "refiners fire" type of year, to cleanse out everything thats not serving us and allowing new growth to come in.

Dec 7, 2018 is the new moon. This new moon is in the dark moon phase of the Lunar Cycle and is time to replenish and nourish Body, Mind, and Soul.

This Moon is in the Insightful Water Sign December 6 & 7. Jupiter, Mercury, Moon and Sun are all in Scorpio – a powerfully, deep, mysterious and insightful water constellation. WATER is the theme of the month. Now is the time to develop your intuition. Drop into quiet time each day, and discover how vast you are. Answers rise from within.

IMPORTANT: This is also a time to drink PLENTY of water based on where the planets are presently aligning.

Listening to the Rhythm of Your Natural Cycles

The Full Moon last month was on November 23, 2018 and then the light of the moon began to decrease. This happens every lunar cycle, but THIS lunar cycle is the last descent into a New Moon before December Solstice. Solstice is the turn around of the year. It is the time that marks RETURN of the lengthening of days in winter (for those in the northern hemisphere), or shortening of days (for those in the southern hemisphere).

*If you live in the northern hemisphere:

Notice how you might be feeling like cocooning more now (it is not just the darkness). This is a time of year to take longer with your stretching, and listen to your body and move slower. Be kind and patient with yourself.

Today marks the mid-point of the descent towards some of the quietest energy of the year.

*If you live in the southern hemisphere:

This is a special time of summer for you, where you can “pool” and gather your energy is small spurts as the solar light of the year keeps expanding.

LIGHT is so important. Body mind and souls.

Watch your tendencies to stay up late, or continue going beyond your natural limits, the longer days can do this.

If you listen to your body and natural rhythm, you will stop and take in the “view” of your day at least five times a day – this will help you store up more energy in the middle of the most energizing phase of the year for you.

The next 2 days are a powerful window to gather energy every time to rest, pause, or stop in the middle of the bustling holiday time of year of your summer.

Living according to natural rhythm is about building or losing LIGHT of the Moon, Sun, season, and day of week.

Only a few weeks left in 2018. How are you going to set yourself up for success?

Here's 6 Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for you, and for those on your

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From my house to yours, Merry Christmas!

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As always, Stay tuned for more on this blog for plenty of positive and actionable tools and insights you can use.

Also be sure to report back your own experiences with what this year has brought you, or what is now rejuvenating into new growth. Be sure to report back in the comments below.

And please, if you found this information useful, then spread the love and use the link below to share this post with people you know.

Until then, Love and Light!

Lorie Paige

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