{Blog} 8 tips for using the Fall Equinox to your benefit.

{New Blog} The Seasons impact us: 8 tips for using the fall Equinox to your benefit

Ive been in my cocoon for a time to create this {New Blog} and to Observe and reflect from within.

September 23rd 2018 is the Fall Equinox, which marks the MIDDLE of the season! The ENERGY and agricultural and natural rhythm of the year is that Equinox marks EVEN time of day between DAY and NIGHT. This also marks the center of FALL in the northern hemisphere.

As with all things of ancient wisdom: OBSERVE, see what you observe to be true with your own perception. Notice what you perceive in the natural world around and how your body feels with these changes of Equinox and Solstice. We have already felt the fall or spring energy by Sept 23.

Action to take this week: For Equinox Week read a good book & Practice Even Breath. – Sama Prana

Simply close your eyes, inhale with the same number of beats as your exhale. Do not force the breath and no need to hold any nostrils closed. Simply inhale the same length of time as you exhale, see what happens to your mind.

It usually gets calmer and this evenness shifts your mindset and affects those around you.

Try it!

The Golden Zone of the year has begun, but because of Mars and Ketu stirring issues Sept 19-23 count on the full effects beginning Sept 25th.

Remember to gather your energy on a daily basis with meditation, yoga, a daily walk, qi gong or your favorite form of gentle exercise. This will help you make the most of the Golden Zone from Sept 25-Oct 28

These activities listed below are supported this week and during Mercury in Virgo:

* Money-making opportunities

* New work or finding a job

* Signing lucrative contracts

* Technology upgrades

* Successful marketing efforts

* Film

* Writing and communication mediums flourish.

Feel the prosperity come into your life this week.

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