Do You Think there's some of you that know how truly deeply and madly you are cared about and lo

Do You Think there's some of you that know how truly deeply and madly you are cared about and loved?

I"m pulling out my Life experience in relationships today-- You know. that pain that comes from knowing which road to take.?! I' have been there! This is one of the hardest pains in any relationship, especially romantic one's. We love this person and they continue to hurt us, they say "I'm sorry" we want to believe them, and yet it happens again. So many times we feel caught in the cross-fire of having to choose. "If i choose this road, then i will have to do XYZ. Or if i take the second road. "Well, that's not a good choice either!!

Women and Men are more alike then we talk about in today's world. And i believe its not so much about our difference's. Of coarse there are difference's such as "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" But in the end, we are relatively alike.

Let me explain; Both sexes get jealous, both like suspense, (good or bad) both like a challenge, and both thinks its greener grass on the other side, and both keep loving those who do not always love them back. WHY?

Lots of reasons why, but today I'm going to touch on the Psychological part of cognitive thinking (our brains) that actually leans toward frustration and struggle. We all go through self esteem issues to a degree. But, what I'm talking about here, is how we condition ourselves to act out this way.

First lets take a look at our self esteem- Are we happy in pretty much everything we are doing, or are we whining and complaining about our lives. This is very important to grade yourself 1-10 on. Where are you at?

I promise, one of the hardest things I've ever had to learn is looking at my self in the mirror gently. By looking at my "side of the street" and what I need to take care of! So, please be honest and gentle as you do this too.

Poor self esteem is rampant in our world and society. (by no fault of our own) Our parents were taught by their parents and so on. Part of living in this world at this time, is about waking up. WE must stop blaming our parents/others. If you are then I'm glad your reading this. I get it, i was not ready for a long time too, that's why I'm sharing this. And BTW its on going daily practice and beautiful.

So we gotta get a handle on where we are with our self esteem. Do you want to be happy? Can you choose today to start taking charge of what that looks like and not blame ANYONE?

After we honestly access where we are, in this very moment, the next step is gently reminding ourselves and finding a way to shift. Shifting for me use to be VERY hard, but now its much easier. I simply choose to listen to my higher self (the grown up inside us all, who's loving and kind and who says nice things)

Next is important, begin to notice not only what makes you do these things to get a reaction but notice when you are reacting to them as well, just a few are-



*Suspense (like when your team is winning and your not leaving the stadium)



What I've learned from my own self work, with trial and error- is that we humans tend to do all the above behaviors when we are BOARD. That's right. And when we add low self esteem to this, its a board relationship. We're not very nice to each other because we are pushing each others buttons. Instead of trying to be happy with who we are, by keeping busy and working on ourselves. We fall into this trap with others. (mostly on an unconscious level)

Yes, there is a third road!! Do you think there's some of you who know how truly deeply and madly you are cared about and Loved? There are those who manipulate, hurt and are cruel as well. Finding your voice when its the hardest and hurts so bad..that's when you really need to reach into your heart (not your ego mind) but your beautiful heart and say "I am magnificent. I'm supported and I'm Loved" There will always come a day when we hurt and when others hurt us. While its always valid to try to understand why, and the reasons behind the pain-it's not the most important place to be. The place to be is, only with your heart, your spirit and who you really are deep down. This part of the journey is obtained when you can honestly see your beautiful worth and know everything will be "OK" Irregardless of whats going on around you. So as you're on the winding path of life and you come to a fork in the road, remember this. There is a 3rd road that's hard to see. Its full of LOVE. Yes, your true inner and outer self and beauty's job is to be still in that moment, honor who you are, and feel so much love. Take that road!

XO Lorie Paige

To learn more about Lorie, you can find her at

*Disclaimer: This is not intended for medical advice.

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