Dharma Academy 
{This option is the entry level online Class}
 This First option is for the New entrepreneur starting out, you're probably fine tuning your purpose to help gain the confidence and business-building tools you need to put your message or service out into the world & live your highest purpose, to also come from a place of creation to make an impact on others and earn for your great work.

If you feel  you're ready to take action from a place of true alignment, and know this is something you want to increase and enhance in your life, and you are ready to say yes to more open doors, then this training is for you.


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 3 Great Options to choose from below: Some clients pick all three..

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One on One with Lorie
{This option is for One on One Intensives} 
You are a person who wants to dive deep and learn how to make passive income, such as creating online courses and how to Leverage your time to open multiple business doors. You want to make real change happen with your time and help others. However, you may lack the confidence or know where to begin.  Lorie will walk you through an extensive blueprint to see exactly where you are today and where you want to be to help guide you to
your next right steps in your business. You are the kind of person who wants to learn more and You want to create something better.
You know you have something calling you to do more and be more.
You also may be a creative or have a service, message or product to share. You're a leader that wants to achieve bringing all the small piece's together to empower your true self, to find the courage to step up to help others with their dreams, goals, relationships and desires.
With all the above, Lorie goes deep with you to navigate those waters of doubt and uncertainty. She's experienced, creative and Intuitive, to shine a light on whats been holding you back.
If you are ready to dive deep and learn how to make passive income, Click the button below to see if we're a good fit, and to set up an appointment.

One on One With Lorie

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Love Design



Love Design Blueprint Course

{This is an online Signature course for Women

BY: Lorie Paige & Jody Hill}

 You've been around the block and are ready to break through the ceiling with your income potential. You're on this planet to make a difference in others lives. You're either an entrepreneur, a holistic coach or Practitioner wanting to offer your clients a signature course of your very own, thats rich in value & quality with outstanding content. You want to position and package your products and service in an authentic way. We take you on a Blueprint Design Journey to help you create the Course you've been dreaming of-the kind of content you've been looking for to serve your clients highest good. Through this online course  and Journey, you'll experience first hand how we created this course  with simple yet elegant modules.. to seamlessly teach you. With all the resources, see how you'll  create and complete your course from the ground up. You'll have a quality Blueprint to build your course that stands out from the rest from start to finish. We'll show you how to "hone in" Even more and achieve your Personal Mastery in your purpose process. With all this expertise you'll learn more about platforms, module creation, branding, Design, Content, Producing, VIP and Investor opportunities


OH-So- Much more. 

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