Meet Lorie

Lorie Paige is a #1 Best selling author of

"A Two Foot Decision and A Red Teapot" 

As an author, she writes about true life events & experiences in her own life. She also includes topics on Faith & Spirituality,

meditation & theism and eastern astrology. 

 More books are slated for release in 2021.


Lorie was featured at the ICON Summit where she was named

"The best upcoming Sage Author."


She is the founder of Dharma International LLC,  KVH Design, and The Dharma shop. Lorie is the creator of Two signature online Courses.

She created Dharma International LLC shop  where she's dedicated to quality products at low prices.  By supporting Himalayan artisans directly in Nepal where sourcing is ethical and sustainable. Her online shop carries a full line of Jewelry, singing bowls, crystals, Mala Beads, Zen clothing and much, more. She support's the Tibetan, Newar and Nepalese people,  And donate's a percentage of profits to the following Tibetan charities. She partners with the Dharma shop & Himalayan Children's Charities to support school children in the Kathmandu Valley And  The Tibetan Nun's Project to support ordained women living in exile.

Lorie is an International speaker, Coach and mentor. She's the Founder of Dharma VIP Speaker's Alliance, where she is on the speaking circuit with many keynote speakers to effect positive change in the world.

Lorie is a creative, and is President of KVH Design where she started over 20 years ago Designing High end properties.

She's a Reiki Master Practitioner who's also certified in Core Belief Restructuring. As a Medium and Clairvoyant, She practices Kundalini Yoga, and Meditation.

Lorie is Also the Co-Founder of Love Design Blueprint, one of many  online Signature Course's  she offers focusing on opening businesses through digital courses to awaken others.

You can see Lorie regularly featured on EZ Way TV and Radio, the ICON Builder stage promoting various causes, and leveraging her affiliation with key investors to create New business opportunities.

Lorie has four successful grown children. She loves to spend time with her family & travel the world.